So You Want More Instagram Followers

When it comes to Instagram, followers are the currency. Followers are what tell you whether you are popular or not. The more followers one has the more popular one is and the closer one is to achieving Instafame. So, how does one gain more followers? Well here are some tips and tricks to get you started.

Tip #1: Private, no. Public, go.

The type of privacy setting you have on your account can make a big difference when it comes to obtaining more followers. Having a private account makes your profile and posts less visible. When your account is set to private only other users whose follower requests you have approved will be able to see your posts or interact with them, leading to less people wanting to wait around for their request to be approved. On the opposite side, though, is when you have your profile set to public. A public profile allows any and all Instagram users to see your posts, interact with your account, and most importantly be able to follow you simply by clicking a button. If you want more followers, make sure your privacy setting is set to public.


Tip #2: Connections will get you everywhere

Instagram makes is super easy to connect your account with your other social media networks like Facebook or Myspace, so do it! Connecting your account to your other social medias will help you to reach new followers. Your profile becomes easier to find and you can show those that follow you on other networks why they should be following you on Instagram. Use your connections and share your Instagram name and some uploads!

Tip #3: Interacting is fun and helps you!

I cannot say this tip enough, interact with other Instagram users! When you like, comment, or follow other users you are ten times more likely to gain those interactions back. Take the time to show other users some love and see what you get in return. No one wants to follow someone they think will never take the time to look at or interact with their profile and posts, so show them you’re not that way and that they should interact and follow you!

Gaining more Instagram followers can be difficult. With these tips and tricks, though, you can dive right into gaining more followers ASAP. But one need not stick to these alone they can buy instagram followers if they need instant results.

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